Happy Egyptian New Year!

On the ancient Egyptian calendar, Akhet, the first season of each year, began when the star Sirius was seen rising at dawn.  That used to happen on July 19; now, thanks to our shift from the Julian to Gregorian calendar, it happens on August 1.  The rising of Sirius at that time was a sign that the Nile River was about to flood, so everybody on the floodplain packed and headed for the hills.

Today the high temperature reached 90 degrees at last.  It looks like in August, if not July, the weather up here will feel like it did in Florida.  Some friends told me this is a cooler than average year for Kentucky.  Last summer, there were a few days in both July and August when it got hotter here than it did in Orlando.  However, today is the first time it happened in this summer.  Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.  🙂

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