Liking Kentucky, But Still Thinking in Florida Terms

From the start, I told myself I was going to like it here, and my first months in Kentucky were enjoyable because of that attitude. Leive had a harder time adjusting than I did, inasmuch as she arrived at the beginning of winter. She didn’t come around until it warmed up in May. However, it now appears that she is more completely adapted to our new environment. I guess it’s because living in Florida for forty years hard-wired me to that state, to the point that I had trouble imaging that any other place could be as nice to live in. Though I’ve now been here for fourteen months, I still tend to compare every new experience with experiences I had in Florida. For example, a week ago I saw a hot-air balloon around 4 or 5 PM, and I thought that was nice, because on a typical day in Florida, the only safe time to fly balloons is in the early morning, before the rain clouds show up. And today it was rainy and in the 70s. In the summertime in Kentucky, the milder temperatures make me feel like I’m on a vacation, even at work. The rain wasn’t too bad, either, because most of it fell after dark, and the lightning didn’t get too close.

I wonder how long it will take before I feel as Kentuckian as the Kentuckians themselves? Once I heard that over the course of seven years, cell division replaces every cell in the human body, eventually replacing or duplicating us. Is it going to take that long to clear out the influence of the Sunshine State?

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