A Cold Front in July?

Unheard of! In Florida, anyway. Apparently here in Kentucky summertime cold fronts don’t poop out before they show up on your doorstep and have a chance of changing the weather. This one isn’t having much of an effect – daytime temperatures in the low 80s instead of the 90s. Still, it feels good when you hear news stories about heat waves and wildfires in other parts of the country.

On Tuesday I was too busy to write anything here, and on Wednesday I was too tired to write. Fortunately a recap of events won’t take long. Leive had me go to the store on Tuesday to get yuca and lemons, two items we normally don’t shop for. I found out why when I came home from the men’s prayer group; she made one of her popular recipes, cassava cake, for the ladies group. This is the first time she served any food since the ladies group started meeting here a month ago. It’s also the first time she made cassava cake since leaving Florida, so it just earned some fans in Kentucky.

Edna left town on Wednesday, leaving our house at 4 AM to catch a red-eye flight to Dallas. Thus, she was here for just over 2 days. I’ll have to ask Leive if she got to see any of the sights in Lexington while here. I’m also going to ask Gene for his side of the story, because he took Edna to Bluegrass Airport. I have been told that beforehand he tried sleeping on the couch in the basement, but it was too hot for him even there. I know, since this is a house full of Filipinas and ex-Floridians, we don’t need to run the air conditioning every minute, but in the basement I don’t recall it ever getting warmer than the 70s. For a while we even thought about putting Rezia’s bed down there.

Speaking of Rezia, she got an engagement ring yesterday, so the engagement is now official. I’ll try to take a picture of it when I see it. Have a pleasant day!

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