Oh WAMU, We Thought You Were Everywhere!

When I moved to Kentucky, I thought I would find Washington Mutual banks there, and that I could just walk into one to make mortgage payments on my house in Florida. After all, they’re a national chain, and they’re all over the place in Orlando; right now I can think of at least four that were within five miles of my Florida address. No such luck. In fact, it appears that 5/3 Bank is the only bank that has offices in both Lexington and Orlando, and that’s because 5/3 bought out a Florida bank, Bank of Central Florida, in 2005. Luckily some ATMs here accept the card from my Florida credit union, so I can make deposits and withdrawals without switching banks. As is, I had to make other arrangements to pay the mortgage until our house was sold in February.

I’m mentioning this because Rezia has a check she needs to deposit, and it’s going to affect our travel plans for this week because she has a WAMU account. If she was in San Antonio or Florida, no problem! However, last night I did an online search, and also e-mailed Washington Mutual. It turns out they have no offices in Kentucky, Tennessee or the Carolinas. They do have some in Georgia, but it appears they’re all in the metro Atlanta area. Therefore it looks like we’ll have to go by way of Atlanta when we visit Lindy this weekend. I would have preferred to go through the mountains to Asheville, NC, and then turn south to reach Lindy’s part of Georgia, because I hear the rush hour traffic in Atlanta is pretty bad. I was lucky when I passed through Atlanta last year; it was 11 AM on a Sunday, so I didn’t have to slow down, even in the middle of town. Hopefully we’ll find a branch on the outskirts, so I can still get around the city on the beltway.

One response to “Oh WAMU, We Thought You Were Everywhere!

  1. If the check that she has is off of a bank that is in KY, why doesn’t she just cash it at that bank? Just a thought.

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