Hurricane Season Started Today, and It’s Still Dry

In fact, except for a sprinkling around 2:30 this afternoon, it hasn’t rained in two weeks. Our front and back yards have patches of blonde grass to go with the green, and I didn’t have to mow the lawn last week; it’s looks like I can get away with not mowing it this weekend, too. I won’t say it has been hot, because the thermometer hasn’t reached the 90 degree mark yet, though it gets close every day; I still remember how it was worse in Florida. We have a 40 percent chance of rain in tomorrow’s forecast, so let’s see if that ends the dry spell.

Speaking of Florida, my pastor just got back from there this afternoon. Besides the Orlando area, he flew down to Key West, and claimed he could smell the smoke in his airplane as they flew over the brushfires near Lake Okeechobee; it made him do some emergency checks to make sure the fire wasn’t in the plane. He also was amused that the announcement of Billy Donovan, the University of Florida basketball coach, getting hired to run the Orlando Magic, was just as much a headline here in Lexington as it was in Orlando!

As for my old stomping grounds at the Orlando theme parks, they were in the news yesterday because Universal Studios announced it would build a Harry Potter attraction, at its “Islands of Adventure” park. Well, knowing how competitive the entertainment industry has gotten in Florida, I think only Universal or Disney could try something like that, with a good chance of it succeeding. Anybody else remember “Circus World”/”Boardwalk & Baseball?” Pastor Dave and his family got out of there just in time, because the first weekend of June is “Gay Weekend”; that’s why my Dad can’t celebrate his birthday at the parks anymore. I remember what Larry the Cable Guy, a comedian from Sanford, FL, said when the first Gay Weekend was held in 1997. He told how two straight guys went to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom without knowing what was going on. When they found out, one said to the other, “Don’t drop your car keys here. You’ll have to kick them all the way out of the park before you can pick them up!”

Now, an update concerning Rezia. Gene has been coming over every evening to see her, and they’re getting along so well that we are now talking about a wedding in July or August.  Rezia was originally supposed to fly west on June 13, but we don’t think she will leave us, because she had a bad dream about that flight. This HAS been an interesting week.

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