News Under a Blue Moon



No, I’m not talking about the Babylonian crescent I’ve used as a logo, for most of the time I’ve been online. Nor am I talking about what you would see if a Smurf dropped his pants. Tonight is the second full moon this month, a so-called “blue moon.” That only happens once every two and a half years.

Since mid-March we have done two radon tests in the basement, and both times I got an e-mail from the lab in North Carolina, stating that the air sample I mailed them arrived more than twelve days late, so it could not be used. The second e-mail arrived yesterday. What gives? I mailed both on the day each test was finished. When I called the lab the person on the phone showed no sympathy whatsoever. Guess I’ll have to send it overnight mail next time; that bites.

This morning the radio warned about cows in the road in three locations on the outskirts of Lexington, telling listeners to “watch out, if you don’t want steak for breakfast.” I can’t remember ever hearing a news story like that from Florida, except maybe for the bear that wandered onto South Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando’s notorious red-light district, a couple of years ago.

In previous jobs, it helped me to commit as many area codes to memory as possible, for both the USA and Canada. Thus, if you asked me for the numbers and locations of Florida’s area codes, I could recite all seventeen of them. Kentucky has four: 606 for the eastern mountains, 859 for the Bluegrass country, 502 for places just west of here (Louisville, Frankfort and Mammoth Cave), and 270 for the part of the state so far west that it’s in the central time zone. 270 includes Paducah and Owensboro; I would have thought that area code had fewer people than the others, but today it was announced that in a few months, 270 would be split in two. The new number hasn’t been announced yet, but I’ll probably tell you when it is.

That’s it for now; if I think of anything else worth posting, I’d better save it for June. Don’t worry, June is only an hour away.

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