Rezia Is Here

Leive’s niece arrived at 9:30 PM last night. In fact, we saw her plane come in as our car approached Bluegrass Airport. This airport doesn’t have airplanes coming in every minute, the way Orlando International Airport does, so it’s easier to tell them apart.

Anyway, we picked up Rezia quickly and without incident, and took her to the same Chinese restaurant that Leive went to, after her arrival last December. Our meal there was rushed, because the workers were starting to clean up and close down the place for the night, but no matter. Rezia was impressed with our house all right, so much so that it took her quite a while to find the piano she has been eager to see. Once she did, though, she and Leive played and sang for a good long time; we didn’t go to bed until it was almost 1 AM.

This morning it looks like Leive is preparing several of her recipes for lunchtime; I saw fruit salad, yellow rice, cans of mushrooms, frozen French fries and tilapia in the kitchen. However, we don’t know yet who will be coming. As is, I had to wait an hour to get my breakfast & coffee, to stay out of her way.

At work, I got a pin for one year of service with the company, and learned I’m getting a small pay raise. Therefore I’d say I had a good day on the job, too. Leive wanted me to earn more, of course, but we all understand I need more experience to qualify for that.

Chris, did you feel left out when I didn’t put up a weather sticker for your part of Florida on Thursday? Here’s one for you; click on it for your forecast from Weather Underground.


Click for Naples, Florida Forecast

Or if you’d rather have the code to paste on a webpage, here it is:

<a href="">

<img src="" border=0

alt="Click for Naples, Florida Forecast" height=100 width=150></a>

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