Bookcases in Place!

Of the five bookcases we ordered in mid-March, four are finally complete and ready for books. Gene King, a member of the church we attend in Lexington, came over and fastened them to the basement wall, because they were a bit unsteady when left free-standing. I went with him to the nearest Lowes store to buy the wood and screws required for the job, and Leive helped by fixing a dinner of tilapia, corn on the cob and salad. As for the fifth bookcase, Gene got me through a tight spot that had me stuck for more than a week, so assembly can resume on that as well.

It will take days to remove the books in from the basement storeroom where we had kept them since December, and arrange them on the new shelves. Leive got a head start by emptying out several boxes already, but I’m going to go back and reorganize those books later, so they will be in an order that makes it easy for me to find something. Therefore we’ll have to put Rezia in one of the bedrooms upstairs when she arrives tomorrow, at least for the short run. Leive wants her to stay in the basement when we make enough room, because the piano is there, and that is the only part of the house where the temperature is still in the 70s.

Speaking of weather, it is still in the 80s each day, and since it hasn’t rained in a week, everything outside is getting pretty dry. I may not even have to mow the lawn this weekend. Gene says this is normal for the summer months, more so than the rainy times I saw last year. Still, I’m comparing it with what I left behind in Florida. Tomorrow my pastor is leaving for a one-week vacation in Kissimmee; I’ll be asking him if the place has changed much in the past year.

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