One Year Since Leaving Florida

Yes, today marks the first anniversary since my 40-year sojourn in Florida ended, not counting the three days in August when I came back for Lindy’s wedding. I still remember that departure time well. The night before, at the last service I attended at my church in Florida, they had a party to send me off. I know that was largely Leive’s idea, but still, how many churches do that to departing members?

Leive had car trouble, so I had to take her to work Saturday morning. That and some other minor factors delayed my departure until 1:15 PM; it had me thinking that somebody in the supernatural world didn’t want me to go. Also, that morning I heard some pretty loud thumping on the roof. I thought it was cats chasing each other, but it was so persistent that twice I went out to investigate. It turned out to be four or five squirrels racing on the roof! Were they having a party on account of me, too?

Last night’s service lived up to expectations. Abner Suarez has a powerful gift of knowledge/prophecy, and he used that, along with prayers for healing of those who needed it. As a result, the service went on until 10:30 PM; every other time I’ve been there, they ended around 9:00. I particularly remember when all the participants of the men’s groups were called up, so Rev. Suarez could pray and lay hands on us. When he got to me he said, “I praise the gift of teaching that God has put on you.” How did he know I have been a teacher in the past? I don’t think the pastor told him; I’d be surprised if Rev. Suarez even knows my name.

Today Leive wanted to go sightseeing again; in fact, she has been looking forward to it for the past few days. Here is a photo I took of her in front of the house, just before we left this morning.


First we headed to Harrodsburg; on the way we passed the Shaker Village, an interesting religious community from the early 19th century. I mentioned them in my most recent American history paper. Harrodsburg was one of the first three settlements in Kentucky, and they seem to be competing with the others (Boonesborough and Lexington) for the honor of being the oldest; all three were founded in 1774-1775. In the middle of Harrodsburg is a replica of the original Fort Harrod, which reminds me of Fort Christmas in Florida. A few miles west of Harrodsburg is Perryville, the site of a big Civil War battle fought in 1862. I’m mentioning it because there’s a re-enactment of the battle there every October; I told Chris about that already. My understanding is that the Rebels conquered most of Kentucky and won a narrow victory in that battle, but then pulled back to Tennessee because the Confederate commanding general heard about massive Union reinforcements at Louisville and Cincinnati, armies larger than he could handle. After that Kentucky was safely in the Northern camp for the rest of the war.

Next we went to Danville, a pretty college town (the site of Centre College). Then we came home by way of Lancaster and Nicholasville. Not as much to see in those two places, except more pretty farms, but that completes Leive’s tour of the communities immediately to the south of Lexington. I don’t know yet if we’ll go anywhere next weekend; it depends on what Rezia wants to do after she arrives.

One response to “One Year Since Leaving Florida

  1. Looks like you have a beautiful house and garden which shows Leive’s expert touch. But my God! How can you stand being so close to other humans?
    Your Younger Bro; somewhere in the Everglades.

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