What May Was Meant To Be

The rain I talked about a few days back finally stopped last night, after a big downpour while Leive and I were in church. Today the weather couldn’t have been nicer: sunny and a high of 68. Thus, I got to mow the lawn and Leive did some gardening work. Inside it was 82 degrees upstairs, 80 on the main floor, and 66 in the basement – again, about as good as it can get.

Every year I look forward to those optimal times when the temperature is just right, and the electric bill goes down because I’m not using utilities for either heating or air conditioning. In central Florida that usually happened in March and November; it looks like Lexington gets them in May and September. What a relief! Down in Florida I remember the second half of May as being the most miserable time of the year for me, because we’d be subject to the full heat of summer, but the summertime cycle of afternoon thunderstorms hadn’t yet kicked in to cool things off.

I also remember the time last May when I was commuting to and from my last job in Florida. I had to go 13 miles, a little longer than I drive here, but because of the traffic, it took nearly twice as long to make the trip. Thus, during my last three weeks, I tried different ways of getting to work, looking for a shortcut. I never found it, but I did find a path through Longwood’s deep forest (General Hutchinson Pkwy) that got me out of the heat. On Friday, May 12, I was coming home, fighting the usual evening rush hour traffic, when I reached one of the worst intersections in my neighborhood, the place where State Road 436 bends and meets Red Bug Lake Road and Winter Park Drive. It took 12 minutes and three light changes to get through there (I counted), and the outside temperature was over 90 degrees. I’ll tell you one thing, by the time I was past that traffic light, Kentucky looked pretty good!

Leive’s cheering up too, which is probably even more important, because adapting to a new life in this state has been a bigger challenge for her than it has been for me. I know summer will be here before we know it, so let’s enjoy the month while we can.

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