Does Kentucky Ever Have a Dry Season?

That’s what I’m wondering after a wet week, and it looks like the weekend will be rainy, too. Leive got some more solar-powered lights for the front yard on Wednesday, but they didn’t get charged enough to work properly until today. Besides all the April and May showers, we get thunderstorms in summer, as you may remember from my e-mails last year. The lightning isn’t as frightening as what we’re used to in central Florida, but I still unplug the computer when I’m expecting trouble from nature, just in case. In fact, Wednesday night’s storm fried the network card of my computer at work. Luckily, the technical support guy showed up at lunchtime on Thursday to replace the card, but when I told my co-workers I lost a home computer to lightning a year and a half ago, they joked that the lightning followed me up here from Orlando!

We also got quite a bit of rain last fall, though I was told that we were having an unusually wet season in 2006. And don’t forget the frozen precipitation I talked about last winter; hence, I’m wondering when the dry season, if there is one, is supposed to come. The ancient Egyptians called their driest season Shemu, and it lasted from March to July; do we simply go from one Akhet to another?

In other news, the Queen of England arrived at Bluegrass Airport late this afternoon, after a day of sightseeing in Virginia. She went to Jamestown, because this summer marks 400 years since its founding, and also visited to Williamsburg and Richmond. Tomorrow she goes to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby, and I understand she and her husband are here to spend the night at a horse farm they like in Versailles, one owned by the former US ambassador to Britain. And no, I don’t think it’s the farm near the airport with a castle on it.  Well, I hope they enjoy their stay.

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