The Parthenon Code Up Close

Last spring the main talk was about “The Da Vinci Code,” both the book and the movie. I’ll admit I didn’t think too much of it myself, for the following reasons:

1. I was getting ready for my move to Kentucky.

2. The story’s a work of fiction, for crying out loud! Anyone who thinks it is more than that has a loose grip on reality. You might as well believe the movie “Independence Day” is a true story; the Rev. Louis Farrakhan does.

3. I probably come from the only church in Florida that wasn’t interested in the controversy. At the time, my pastor was instead speculating on whether Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the Antichrist.

4. I discovered The Parthenon Code around then, and found that theory more intriguing.

In a nutshell, the Parthenon Code looks at the meaning behind the relief sculptures the Greeks carved on the Parthenon, beneath the roof. They are scenes from Greek myths, but why did they pick those myths? The author, Robert Bowie Johnson, thinks those are the same stories told in Genesis 1-11. In fact, those myths are a twisted version of Genesis, because the stories are told from Cain’s point of view.

Anyway, I bought the book last fall, and while I disagree with Mr. Johnson on some minor points (e.g., he equates Eve with Hera in one myth, and Eve with Athena in another), I believe his basic premise is correct. Not long after that, he produced an additional CD, to go with the one I got with the book. Last Saturday I decided to order the CD, but I did not receive a confirmation e-mail, so yesterday I called to see if my credit card went through. It turned out it did, but he sends the e-mails manually, and never got around to responding to mine. When I called I must have gotten their house, because his wife answered, and quickly passed the phone; Mr. Johnson and I then had a pleasant conversation. Since I already have two links to his website from The Xenophile Historian, he asked for the URL of my site so he can return the favor.

You never know who you’re going to meet in cyberspace!

4 responses to “The Parthenon Code Up Close

  1. Do you believe the The Parthenon Code and the Genesis account have similar origins? Or one is borrowing from the other?

  2. Sorry, been too long since last communication. Anyway, while working on a page of my site and doing some websurfing for ideas for a few finishing touches; your blog [this page] came up. I was thrashing out some ideas about The Parthenon Code by Mr Johnson. I have not yet read it but hope to soon. Helena Lehman told me about it a while back. What I have read and heard so far about the book leads me to believe that when I do finally read it my view of the subject matter will be very much the same as your take on it is.

    In summation, I have created a link to this blog article here in the art gallery of my SeekerWorld.Com Fiction And Nonfiction Author And Artist Website from the page Dark Gothic Tales Of Fairy Eve, The Dragons Of Eden and the Code Of The Golden Egg Hope you approve. if not let me know. I will quickly take it down.

    Congrats on publishing your book!

    I will have to link to it where I have made mention previously on my site to your website info.

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