What’s So Special About Don Imus?

For most of this week, the main news story has been about a talk show host who said something stupid. Because it’s an overhyped celebrity-related event, this means that I’m never going to mention it in a history paper on my website, so if I discuss it at all, it will be here.

As you may have heard, Don Imus is in trouble for calling the women’s basketball team of Rutgers University “Nappy-headed hoes.” With all the jokes I have heard over the years about Napoleon Bonaparte’s height, I guess if I was a basketball player, I’d be insulted to hear somebody compare me with the Little General, too. Now he not only has been suspended from his morning show for two weeks, but MSNBC canceled him; it’s probably only a matter of time before his program is canceled completely. If I tune in the local stations, they talk about sports, of course (the UK women’s basketball coach resigned today), but national hosts like Sean Hannity are talking about little besides the Imus blunder.

Imus isn’t on the air in Orlando, so if I still lived there, he would be nothing but a name to me. I did tune in his program after I moved to Lexington (I have to listen to something on the way to work), but I wasn’t impressed. I just don’t get why that show has listeners. After a couple of mornings my main thought was, “What a flake, he’s Howard Stern lite.” A month or two later I found a station that plays silly commentaries from a Redneck named Earl Pitts, and since they’re more interesting, I’ve tuned that program in ever since.

On Tuesday I heard Senator John McCain speaking up for Imus, because he’s a regular guest on that show. One RINO (Republican In Name Only) defending another RINO; that says enough, doesn’t it?

Leive has done better with her radio listening habits; last weekend she discovered a Christian station she likes, K-Love, at 89.9 FM. I checked out the K-Love website, and it turns out they’re a nationwide network, based in California, that depends on donations from its listeners to pay the bills, instead of sponsors. Unfortunately in Florida they can only be heard in Tallahassee and Key West. I suppose they’d compete with “Positive 88.3” if they were in the Orlando market.

2 responses to “What’s So Special About Don Imus?

  1. Imus was on one of the cable news stations back in Orlando. It was a howard stern type format where they are basically showing him with the headphones on and talking into the mic. He always seemed dull to me.

    But that is not the whole story. It is the liberal media killing off a talk radio host who doesn’t fall lock-step in with the other liberals. Imus was just an easy target.

  2. Just as blacks can only criticize other blacks about things that are peculiar to them, so can Kentuckians criticize other Kentuckians that are peculiar to them.

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