Indian Winter?

My, how the weather changed this week! When it started it was warm enough for Leive and I to go out and do some work in the yard (but not before the neighbors started their own landscaping). I fertilized the lawn on Sunday, and mowed it on Monday, while Leive did some pruning, trimming and mulching in the flower bed in front. Then on Tuesday evening a big thunderstorm blew in. That evening we got some lightning (not as much as we’re used to in Florida thunderstorms, thank goodness), a lot of rain, and 60 MPH winds; Leive even saw some hail. On Wednesday the temperature quickly dropped, until it went below freezing the following night. Since then it has been in the 30s & 40s by day, and in the 20s by night. It should continue that way at least until Sunday; tomorrow night a low of 21 is predicted. What a day for the Keeneland races to start! I hope the horses like it that way.

You may have heard the term “Indian Summer” used to describe the last warm days of fall. Do you think “Indian winter” is appropriate here? One co-worker told me he prefers to think of it as “Strawberry spring,” because strawberries taste better when picked right after days like this. Maybe that’s why Florida strawberries are picked in January & February.

Speaking of work, one of the drawbacks of our new office is that the army base isn’t planning to run any air conditioning in it until the end of May. I know, in Florida that would be unthinkable. Well, it got quite warm in there on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, but thanks to this cold snap, nobody has complained since then! And my desk is right under a fan, so I’ll probably be the last one to feel hot.

Last night I felt sorry for the birds in our neighborhood, so I refilled the bird feeder. When I got home from work today, it was empty already. I suspected the blackbirds had a party while I was away (see the March 11 entry). Then half an hour later, Leive called me to point out a fat cardinal at the feeder, but I doubt he could have eaten all that!

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