It’s Not KISS-immee

I forgot to mention yesterday that my pastor decided to take a vacation in Orlando later this year. He has a time-share and wants to use it to get a few days at the Marriott Vista. Since that is near the theme parks, he asked me if there are any he ought to know about, so I told him about The Holyland Experience.

I also told him the correct way to pronounce the name of the nearest town besides Orlando. It’s Kiss-IM-mee, with the accent on the second syllable. Folks from outside of Florida put the accent on the beginning, so it sounds like “Kiss me.” To further complicate matters, I remember a bridal shop on the east side, between Kissimmee and St. Cloud, named “Kiss Mee Bridal Boutique.”

It’s a similar story with a town here in Kentucky, just west of Lexington. Versailles is pronounced phonetically by the locals, so it comes out “Vrrr-Sails.” I had French in high school, so I’m used to calling it “Vair-Sye,” like the palace of King Louis XIV, but if you pronounce Versailles the French way, Kentuckians will know you’re not from around here.

I have a three-day weekend, because at work our computers are being moved to the new office next Monday. I plan to spend part of the time assembling one or more of the bookcases Leive ordered (I just got the huge CD rack together), but we’re working ten-hour days from Tuesday to Friday to make up for lost time, so it won’t really be a vacation.

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