All Is Well

No big news to report since my last entry; I’m mainly writing about a lot of little things to let you know I’m alive and well.

Temperature-wise, the weather is about as ideal as it can get around here.  Outdoor temperatures in the upper 60s by day, upper 50s by night, have brought down temperatures inside the house so that they’re just right!  On Wednesday morning I was woken up by a thunderstorm–definitely a strange hour for one, whether you’re in Kentucky or Florida.  It looks like I may have to get back in the habit of unplugging my computer if I’m expecting lightning; in Florida I had to do it almost every day from June to September.

Leive finally had a doctor’s appointment today, the first since moving here.  She had been complaining about pain and numbness in her hands and feet for at least a week, maybe two, so the changes the doctor made to her prescriptions came not a day too soon.  She’ll have to go to a lab soon and get a blood test done, too (I had one three weeks ago).

Lindy surprised us by announcing that when she goes back to college, she’ll probably change her major from psychology to something more affordable, graphic design.  Knowing her talent for art and computers, I think she can do it (that’s how she attracted Adam’s attention, anyway), so I hope she’s right.

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