Is Our Break From Florida Over?

I’m asking that question because Leive reported seeing an ant in the kitchen this morning. Now I’m wondering if the good news I gave in the past about our new home being free of bugs only applies to the winter months. I did have a small problem with spiders in my second apartment, but the ants weren’t as bad as in Florida, and I never saw the other Sunshine State horror, cockroaches!

The past week has seen a dramatic warming. Outside it got up to 80 degrees, both yesterday and today, so now we only have to wear jackets to keep off the rain. Indoors it is even warmer–84 on the main floor yesterday! Of course we’re both used to that kind of heat, after so many years in Florida, and when we moved in I set the range on the thermostat to 70 and 85, meaning that if it had gotten one degree warmer, the A/C would have kicked in.

If we don’t want to depend on air conditioning, it looks like we can also escape the heat by going downstairs. Over the winter I noticed that the basement is definitely cooler than the rest of the house. Last Thursday I got proof when I bought an indoor thermometer and placed it in the basement: it can be 10, 15, maybe even 20 degrees cooler! Right now, for example, it’s 83 on the main floor and 71 in the basement. Evidently the temperature downstairs depends more on the surrounding earth than on the surrounding air.

Regarding the flowers outside, I found out last night at church that the brilliant yellow shrubs I’m seeing in the neighborhood are called forsythia, and the trees along the streets with white blossoms are pear trees. I guess they’re ornamental pears, since I don’t recall seeing any fruit on them last fall.

I think Leive made her last major furniture purchase yesterday: two sets of tables with chairs. Now she’s saying she doesn’t want to go back to work, because the kids we’re planning on adopting will need her, at least until they all learn English. Well, I should be able to pay for the house and support the two of us, with what I’m making now, but to buy her a car or go to the Philippines, I’ll have to find a way to supplement my income. Stay tuned . . .

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