Spring is Here

Happy Nowruz if you’re Iranian, and if you’re Jewish, Chag Sameach, since Passover is just around the corner!

I think I told everyone already that it’s getting greener here. High temperatures have been in the 70s for the past two days, but unlike Florida plants, the local grass and bulbs did not wait until it warmed up to start growing. Now I’m seeing daffodils in quite a few places, including some wild patches of them on the way to work, and a lot of the trees in the neighborhood are putting out flowers before they grow leaves. There’s one in our front yard with big reddish-purple buds, 1-2 inches long. If those aren’t leaf buds, that ought to be a spectacular show when they open up.

Leive is taking an interest in all the bulbs around here (tulips, daffodils, hyacinths) because she couldn’t grow them in Florida; the only thing like that we had was a red amaryllis, and it was hidden by the blue plumbago she planted a few years back. Well, if she wants to try them next year, we’ll know when to plant them, and be ready.

Leive is also starting to miss calamondins, or as she calls them, “kalamansi.” Remember the huge calamondin tree we had in our Florida backyard, which I called a “calamonster?” For the past three months she was content to use limes from the store in her cooking, but now she wants that authentic Philippine ingredient. Yesterday my doctor, who is a Filipina, told us that her mother has had a calamondin tree for twenty years, and only recently has it produced any fruit. Knowing Leive’s green thumb, I’m sure she’ll do better. Online I found a south Georgia plant nursery that specializes in citrus, and they say calamondins are hardy up to USDA Zone 8. Since Kentucky is in Zone 6, we’ll have to keep it indoors part of the year, at least in January and February.

This week marks ten months since I moved to Kentucky. All things considered, life has gotten better for me since I arrived. My income has gone up, I’m in a house much larger and more comfortable than I had in Florida, and according to my doctor and dentist (I had appointments to see both this week), my health has improved. At work it’s now official, I’ll be moving to the new office on Monday, April 2. After all that has happened to us in the past year, I wonder what the spring of 2007 will bring?

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