All Shopped Out

Sorry I haven’t written anything since Wednesday. Thursday and Friday kept me busy at work, while not much was happening at home. On Saturday morning we had the radon specialist here to make our basement safe from that invisible, odorless radioactive gas. I remembered from chemistry classes what radon was, but despite the public service ads they ran on the Rollins College radio station, it’s not a problem in Florida, thanks to the sandy soil and lack of basements, so I was black-hole ignorant about this whole “mitigation” business. Over the next four hours the guy drilled a hole under the foundation, ran a PVC pipe all the way up the southeast side of the house, and drilled a hole in the basement wall to connect a power outlet with a fan in the pipe. Apparently that is supposed to blow all the radon away before it can accumulate in the basement and put us at risk for lung cancer; in a few days I am supposed to use the radon-testing kit he left behind to see if the contraption works.

Aside from that and church on Saturday night, the main thing Leive and I did this weekend was shop. Wal-Mart on both Saturday and Sunday, and then Kroger, Lowes and Garden Ridge; at each stop we got everything we felt we might need in the house. Garden Ridge doesn’t have stores in Florida, so for the rest of the family, it’s a superstore full of decorations, mostly artificial plants. Leive has been putting plastic and silk flowers everywhere, in an effort to have bright colors everywhere you look indoors. Along that line we were also picking out fake trees that looked just like the common greenery in Orlando. The funniest part came when Leive asked what one bush with star-shaped leaves was supposed to be, and I said (in earshot of another customer) that it looked like marijuana!

I’m all worn out, though, after all those trips, and it doesn’t feel like I had much rest this weekend, so I’d better tell Leive to take it easy after this. I’m afraid to ask her when she’ll been done shopping, because she might say she’ll be done when she doesn’t have any money left!

One response to “All Shopped Out

  1. Having been in the radon business for almost 20 years, I can tell you that the “contraptions” are generally very successful at reducing radon levels. If you would, please post the results of the radon test when you get them.

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