Spring is on the Way

It’s still cold outside, ranging from 20s to the 50s, and the grass isn’t green yet, but it’s clear that will soon change.  Today when I left the office, the inside of my car was hot.  The “greenhouse effect” in locked-up cars is a fact of life in Florida, but it has been so long since I experienced it (since I moved from Orlando?) that I had forgotten all about it.  Maybe next week I’ll be able to go outside without a jacket.  Or indoors for that matter; both Leive and I wear jackets in the house and even to bed, to cut down on the heating.

Yesterday a member of the Church, Terry Cherry, came to visit.  Among other things, he offered us a membership in Pre-Paid Legal Services for $17 a month, and since we’re planning to adopt five of Leive’s nieces & nephews from the Philippines, we signed up.  If everything Terry said about their services is true, that takes care of all our lawyer needs in the US; we just need to find a lawyer in the Philippines to work with us now.

Today was the last day for the co-worker I worked most closely with (see my February 27 entry).  He didn’t work a whole day, but left at 10:30, not even staying for the noontime pizza party.  Well, the boss caught wind of what was happening, and at 9:30 we cut a cake and gave him some presents.  The rest of the day was much quieter with him gone; we’ll see in the near future what that means for the department.

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