Almost There . . .

Yesterday I came home and found both of the metal flowers on poles knocked over in the front yard. Leive said she saw the chipmunk do it (see the previous entry), but I find that a bit hard to believe, in view of how little such a rodent is.

My workplace is in transition. Not only are we scheduled to move to another building in mid-March, but the fellow I worked the most closely with has turned in his two-week notice. He told me he got a job offer in Little Rock, AR, and owns five acres in Hot Springs, so now is the time to do something with the property. He’s a really efficient worker who will be hard to replace, but he’s also unpopular due to some serious mood swings. Therefore it’s too early to tell if this is good or bad for the company.

Speaking of work, today I left an hour early after learning that the contract to sell my Florida home had been e-mailed, and it needed to be signed, notarized and sent back by tomorrow. Leive and I did all that, and it looks like the wait to cut the biggest string tying us to Orlando is almost over at last. We’ll know for sure tomorrow, so keep us in your prayers.

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