The Bluegrass is Brown

Not much to report since Monday, just letting everybody know I’m alive and well.  The snow is all gone but the temperature hasn’t yet gotten above the low 50s in the day, and it can still go below freezing at night.  Therefore spring isn’t here yet, though we know it’s on the way.

The grass went from green to brown over the past month while snow covered it, and no new leaves have appeared on the trees, so overall I’d say that February is the dreariest-looking month around here.  Today marks nine months since I started my new job in Kentucky, and now that I look back and recall how many flowers were out, when I came for my interview last April, I guess we’re going to see a lot of scenery changes in March.  The whole city was in bloom back then, giving me the impression that Lexington had put on its best outfit to welcome me.  Leive will probably want to go somewhere this weekend, though we haven’t decided where we’ll go yet.  I took her to Richmond & Boonesborough last New Year’s Day, and Frankfort on January 14, but I haven’t been out of town since, except to go to work.

Speaking of Frankfort, the state government is in the news again.  Last July it was announced that the World Equestrian Games will be held at our own Kentucky Horse Park in 2010.  The World Equestrian Games take place every four years, but in the past, it was never hosted in the United States.  From what I’ve heard so far, it’s the horsey Olympics.  The locals feel it isn’t too early to get ready for it, and the Horse Park is going to need a complete makeover to accommodate the crowds and events expected, so the governor and legislators are discussing how and when to fund it; they may even hold a special session just for that purpose.

The house in Florida isn’t sold yet, though I was told that everything was in order when I faxed the addendum to the contract the second time (last Monday), and the realtor reassures me that the sale will close by the end of this month.

Finally, Leive just informed me that her niece Rezia has bought airline tickets to fly here (from San Antonio, TX) on May 25, and will be staying with us for two weeks.  Presumably we’ll be done buying furniture by then.  Expect me to keep you posted on this trip.  Have a good night!

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