The Lords of Avaris, New DNA Evidence, and a Website that Sets Back Creationism.

1. Some of you know I’m a fan of the British archaeologist David Rohl, whose “New Chronology” promises to solve many of the problems archaeology has with the Old Testament. I bought his first book, “Pharaohs and Kings,” in February 1997, have been a member of his discussion group on Yahoo! since the end of 2000, and attended the seminar he gave in January 2004, at a synagogue in Clearwater, FL.


(Here’s a group picture of several of us from the seminar. David’s in the middle, and I’m on the far right, holding my copy of his book. The leader of the Yahoo! group, Cami McCraw, is on the far left).

So far, “Pharaohs and Kings” is the only one of David Rohl’s books that I have. The others were never sold in the United States. I heard enough about the theories he proposed in his second book, “Legend,” to get a good idea of what the book is about without buying it, and his third book, “The Lost Testament,” is merely a summary of the first two. This month, however, his fourth book, “The Lords of Avaris,” came out, and after reading the first review, I have concluded that it’s different enough from the others to warrant getting it, whether I agree with his new ideas or not. Whereas in the other books he mainly looked to the Bible and Egyptian sources for evidence to back him up, this time he goes to other (mostly Greek) references, proposing that the Indo-European migration, the Hyksos invasion of Egypt, the war of Ramses III vs. the “Sea Peoples,” the Trojan War, and the rise of the Mycenaean and Etruscan civilizations, are all events closely related to one another. In other words, this may be the so-far-untold story of how Western Civilization got started. Expect to hear more about this, if and when I get a copy.

2. In other news, DNA testing has entered the controversy over the origins of the Etruscans. And just in time, since that is a topic in the book above. Where the pre-Roman rulers of Italy came from is a 2,000-year-old mystery; ancient Greek and Roman authors couldn’t agree on whether the Etruscans originally migrated from Asia Minor, or were an indigenous Italian tribe. Now DNA testing has revealed a match between the cows of modern-day Tuscany (ancient Etruria) and the cows of modern-day Turkey, adding weight to the migration theory. Hmmm, maybe the Romans were right about being descended from the Trojan hero Aeneas.

3. Finally, there are situations in war, politics and sports, when somebody is on your side, but you wish he wasn’t. It looks like we have a case of that, where the creation-evolution controversy is concerned. There’s a Georgia legislator named Ben Bridges who apparently is promoting, a website which claims that the earth does not rotate or go around the sun, and that evolution is a Jewish conspiracy, promoted by the Kabbalah school to discredit the Bible. Never mind that I don’t think Kabbalah is as old as the website seems to think, and that the Copernican theory has been around three hundred years longer than Darwin’s theory. What’s more, most of the Jews I associate with believe the Biblical account of creation is correct, like Rabbi Eleazar Waldman. Still, evolutionists are going to associate me with crackpots like the author of that website.

I wonder how the fixed-earth advocates explain the moons of Jupiter (Galileo’s evidence that the Ptolemaic theory was false)? Or the laws of motion put forth by Kepler and Newton, which wouldn’t work in an earth-centered universe? Or how the space probes we send to the planets are guided by models that have the planets revolving around the sun, and if they fail to arrive safely, it’s not because they missed, due to an error in navigation? The good news is that on every page I looked at, the author made the web-design error of changing the size, font and color of the text many times, a needless distraction that says: “tacky.” Like I said before, I breathe a sigh of relief when I come across a kook’s website, and it doesn’t look as good as mine.

5 responses to “The Lords of Avaris, New DNA Evidence, and a Website that Sets Back Creationism.

  1. Well don’t worry about the kook. Nobody takes him seriously, and he is not worth your time. Saying evolution is a Jewish conspiricy is so way out in left field, that it is not worth attention.

    I think that to your credit, you have been recognized as a scholar by people who enjoy your website, and published authors like David Rohl. That says a lot.

    And you can write in plain language that people can understand. So you have a website that can be enjoyed by the proletariat masses! Oops!

    It get the same thing said about my website.


  2. I remember when you went to that convention. And I agree with Uncle Chris.

    Yay for good website design! I learned the basics from my daddy. 🙂

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  4. David Rohl’s New Chronology Theory has been prooved incorrect by the Assyrian chronology alone. Rohl’s theory is not accepted by fellow Ancient Historians, and his willingness to accept the old testament and Greek legends as accurate historical sources is laughable.

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