Comparing Costs

We were snowed in for most of the weekend. I found out that the salt truck only goes to the main road in our neighborhood. For the road going past our house, the snow got 3-4 inches deep, and at the corners you couldn’t tell where the road ends and where the lawn begins. Thus we didn’t go anywhere on Saturday, and I was only out for two hours on Sunday, to run some minor errands.

However, it’s definitely warming now. The forecast for this week calls for high temperatures in the upper 40s for today and Tuesday, and the 50s for Wednesday onward. The snow is visibly melting outside, so I expect to take Leive out again before long.

Yesterday I was paying the electric bill on our house in Florida, and used that opportunity to compare energy costs. On the FL electric bill, I was charged 18.75¢ per kilowatt-hour, but on the KY bill, I was only charged 5.9¢. In other words, electricity costs three times as much in Florida as it does here. Of course, there’s a separate bill for gas heating, but even with that, I still think I’m coming out ahead. Once I was told that the farther you get from the equator, the higher the cost of living. Well, KY and FL seem to be exceptions to that rule. And years ago I read (in “The High Frontier,” by Gerard O’Neill) that wealth can be defined by how much energy one has access to. If that is true, I definitely got richer when I moved to the Bluegrass State.

The picture below, of a cat meeting a super-rat, is one I found today. It’s not relevant to what I just said, but it’s so cute I had to post it. Years ago, the family had a grey cat, and two or three black-hooded rats as pets.


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