It’s Ours Now

This afternoon Leive and I went to the mortgage company we’ve been dealing with up here and signed the paperwork transferring ownership of the house we’re in to us.  Well, it’s ours as much as can be when you’ve got a mortgage to pay on it.  Consider this an act of faith, taking another step along the path God has set forth for us during the past year.

The next step is to sell the house in Florida, which is the main thing keeping us from moving on with our lives.  I was too busy to call the realtor down there today, but when I checked on the doppler weather radar at Weather Underground, I saw a little red dot right over the suburb we lived in, meaning a bad thunderstorm, so I’m assuming nobody toured the house today.

Speaking of weather, for the past two days the high temperature has been around 40 F, and it has been raining fairly constantly, so just about all of the snow from last week has been melted or washed away.  However, the temperature is supposed to go way down for the rest of the week.  If the moisture in the air doesn’t run out this evening, some more sleet or snow is likely.

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