So This is What an Ice Age Looks Like

No snow yesterday, but we had the coldest temperatures since I moved here, getting down to 5.  And while it’s not so cold today, we’ve gotten two inches of snow since this afternoon, and more is expected tonight.  Tonight’s prayer group was cancelled (that’s why I’m here), and most folks left work before I did, because the office might be closed tomorrow.  If it is, I hope they call and tell me before I leave home, so I won’t have an episode like in 1995, when I drove through Hurricane Erin to find a closed workplace.

When I left the office, I found at least an inch of snow on top of my car, covering every window except the back.  I drive a white 1995 Buick, and it seems to be a snow magnet; on the snowy day last November, the snow melted off all the other cars in the parking lot before it melted from mine.  In Florida, driving a white car makes sense (except during lovebug season) because white cars reflect more heat, but the color seems to be something of a liability here.  Anyway, most folks on the road weren’t moving very fast, so I got home safely, if later than usual.

At 6 PM I stepped outside for a moment, and the sky had flocks of Canada geese in it, honking and flying rather aimlessly.  There were a bunch of Canada geese in the lake near my second apartment; I suspect the lake has frozen and they’re trying to find another place to live.  It doesn’t look like they’re going to migrate very far, if anywhere.

These days one of the dilemmas I face when I go out is whether or not to put on gloves.  I definitely feel better with them on, but I’m so clumsy with them that I can barely handle my car keys, and if my garage door opener works when I press it, I’m lucky.  However, my hands are red and dry after a week of exposure to the cold, so no doubt about it, I wore them today.  Now I know why Eskimo piano music sounds so different!  Ever try to play a keyboard while wearing leather mittens?

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