Dashing (and Skidding) in the Snow

Whoo-ee! I posted my last message too soon; this has been a busy day. The main event is that it has been snowing for most of the day, and now it’s as much as three inches thick outside. Now we’re getting winter as it was meant to be; it didn’t really seem right when the grass stayed green even in January.

The snow sure caught the city by surprise. First, kids had to go to school, though in surrounding counties school was cancelled; this afternoon I heard the city government apologizing for that on the radio. Second, they didn’t have time to clean off and salt the roads this morning, which made driving a serious challenge, to say the least. In fact, on the way to work, my car spun out on a country road and bumped a wooden fence. When I checked for damage, all I found was mud and grass on the front bumper; God really had His protective hand on me there! My co-workers were amazed that I didn’t get stuck in a ditch, too. Besides resolving to be more careful in this weather, I decided I should stick to the main roads when I find myself driving in future snowstorms. And maybe I’ll have better traction if I get new tires for the Buick.

Fortunately, things were almost back to normal in the afternoon, aside from the white stuff everywhere. Last night a string of tornadoes hit central Florida, the worst since those ones nearly nine years ago that killed more than forty people. I checked with Mom and Dad to make sure they’re all right; the closest the storms got to them was Seminole County (Geneva, I presume), and most of the damage was in DeLand and northern Lake County. Hopefully things will be dull by comparison for tomorrow and Sunday. One of my favorite authors, Poul Anderson, once defined an adventure as a hardship happening to someone else. I think I’ve had enough “adventures” for now.

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