Colder Are My Nights

Before I begin with this message, one thing I forgot to mention with the piece on sports I posted last time. I understand that the Olympic Games started out as more of a religious event than a sporting one. When first held in 776 B.C., they were a festival to Zeus that happened to include a foot race, from one hill to another.

Anyway, Happy Groundhog Day! That holiday never meant much to me in Florida, but now I’m quite a bit closer to Punxsutawney, PA, and there was a little more snow last night, so maybe I’ll see my shadow, too.

Currently the forecast has the temperature continuing to fall until Monday and Tuesday, when each night it will get to around 5 degrees. Hopefully that will be the worst of it, but we’ll see.

Yesterday I checked for gardening information, because some day Leive will want to try growing something here. It turns out the whole state, except for a few mountaintops, is in USDA Zone 6, meaning that the coldest it ever gets is between 0 and -10 F. In Lexington the growing season is 160 days, compared with 300 in Orlando, and the period of frost-free days runs from May 3 to October 10. I guess Leive will have to wait quite a while longer.

One thing I learned along that line when I first arrived here is that clay is a fact of life in Kentucky. The soil here is clay-based instead of sand-based; I believe that’s why brick houses are so common, because the building material is cheap and readily available. Lexington was the home town of Henry Clay, and Louisville is home to Cassius Clay, better known as Muhammed Ali.

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