Cabin Fever in a Brick House

Well, it turns out Leive has got cabin fever.  I guess it was bound to happen, since she sold her car instead of bringing it up from Florida, and because the weather is cold (and promising to get even colder next week), she is not inclined to go outside.  I got my first inkling of it last Friday, when she remarked that the house seems so empty without the kids we’re planning on adopting.  That told me two things:  (1.) she’s done moving in at last, and (2.) she’s bored.

I suppose it doesn’t help that we’re only 15-20 miles from Boonesborough, the spot where Daniel Boone built his fort in 1775.  I took Leive by there last New Year’s Day, and while the nearest houses and restaurants to the fort are probably modern enough on the inside, on the outside they’re decorated to look like real log cabins!

Today I offered to take her out, when I went to the men’s prayer group, but she said no, in part because “American Idol,” one of her favorite TV shows, is back on the air.  I guess she won’t feel so cooped up as long as she can see that program; that takes care of Tuesday and Wednesday nights, anyway.

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