In Search of Sesame Bagels

Brrr! It looks like the temperatures won’t get higher than the 30s for at least another week. We got some more snow yesterday, but it didn’t start falling until 6 AM (too late to affect my driving), and most of it melted by lunchtime, so I don’t know if I should even count it. Today was still cold, but sunny enough to briefly attract Leive outside.

I am starting to realize that it’s not easy to get a good bagel in Kentucky. Leive has been craving them this week, so I’ve been looking for her favorite kind: sesame. They weren’t that hard to find in Florida, being the state with the second largest Jewish population, and I must have taken it for granted that they would be just as easy to find here. Well, I checked first at Kroger, and while they had some frozen sesame bagels, they didn’t have fresh ones; I ended up buying half a dozen frozen, plus a few kaiser rolls, which aren’t too different if you leave out the hole. The other grocery stores (Wal-Mart, Meijer and Save-A-Lot) didn’t have sesame bagels in any form. Nor do there appear to be any bagel bakeries, like Einstein Bros., the fancy deli that had stores in my part of Florida. For what’s it’s worth, I checked the Einstein Brothers website, and their nearest store to here is at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, 125 miles away; even Cincinnati doesn’t have one.

Gosh, I thought sesame was one of the more common flavors! It’s not as if I’m looking for spinach, orange & walnut, or one of the other exotic flavors that Einstein Brothers stocks. The phone book had an ad for a place that calls itself an authentic New York deli; maybe they’ll have sesame bagels. In the meantime, have you seen the Saturday Night Live parody of Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto” that ends with a Mayan kid whispering, “I smell bagels?” I guess I shouldn’t expect to hear anyone say that in Bluegrass country.

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