Driving in the Snow

Well, it finally snowed again this morning, and this time we got enough of it to make driving dangerous. Just 1/4 inch, but it caught the city off guard; no salt was put on the road beforehand. I was warned that in the winter I would have to learn how to drive all over again, and sure enough, I had trouble braking every time I slowed down. On the radio, they were reporting one accident after another, and all the schools were closed.

When I got to work at the usual time, the parking lot was almost empty, so I wondered if the office had been closed. Those who know me also know I have a knack for getting stuck outside on the worst weather days (remember how I drove through the rain, fallen trees and green lightning of Hurricane Erin in 1995 to get to work, only to find that the place had been closed after I left the house). Well, the office was open, but a lot of folks chose to play it safe by coming in late, even the co-worker who’s normally there by 5 AM.

Although the temperature never even reached 40 today, the snow was nearly all gone by the afternoon, meaning I was able to go home normally. In fact, on the way back, I visited the new Wal-Mart Supercenter that just opened last Friday on this side of town.

Last Monday, I called my pastor in Florida and asked him to pray over my house there, and annoint it with oil. Leive heard from her niece about somebody trying that after her house failed to sell for two years, and it sold a week later. Well, I heard another prospective buyer is going to look at it on Friday, so things are looking up, but keep praying that it sells anyway, the sooner the better.

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