Funny Weather We’re Having

Though definitely colder than Florida (sometimes this month I have seen a 50-degree difference between temperatures in Lexington and Orlando at the same time), the oldtimers tell me this is an unusually mild winter for Kentucky.  So far the only days that got more than a few flakes of snow have been November 20 and December 7.  The second time was the morning after Leive arrived, and she had to call the rest of the family to tell them about it (“Lindy, it’s snowing outside!  Can you see it?”).  Since then, however, it has often gotten as warm as the 50s or even the 60s.  Because of that, Leive is claiming that Florida’s weather followed her up here.

Last Tuesday, the temperature dropped back to normal January level, but still no snow.  Then I started getting weather advisories warning that Sunday morning would be the big day; expect up to four inches of snow then!  Well, Sunday morning is here, but still no snow.  Instead, we’re getting what they call “freezing rain.”  Because the outside temperature is 30 degrees, the roads are wet and icy, so I don’t expect to go anywhere today; lately Leive and I have been visiting furniture stores on my days off from work.

By the way, last December 24 I put a bird feeder in the backyard, with the intention of playing Santa to those birds that didn’t fly south this year.  Now I’m finally getting a visitor, a sparrow who seems to appreciate a dry spot and a meal on a day like this.  See also the essay I recently wrote on my website, “By the Grace of God and a Female Cardinal“; I felt I owed the local birds some sort of favor after moving here.

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